How to minimise or avoid fees

How to minimise or avoid fees

  • Have you got a Golden Years, Graduate, 3rd Level student or 2nd Level student current account?
  • You don't pay quarterly transaction fees and you don't have to pay quarterly maintenance fees.
  • Keep €3,000 in your personal current account
  • You don't pay quarterly transaction fees if you keep a minimum of €3,000 in your personal current account at all times. However you will still pay the €5 quarterly maintenance fee. Please note that credit interest is not payable on your current account balances and you may be missing out on potential interest by keeping a balance of €3,000 in our current account.
  • Use contactless payments
  • There are now over 6,000 contactless payment terminals out there. Keep an eye out for the symbol  because we're waiving all Contactless transaction fees while we introduce contactless payments. A transaction fee of 15c will apply from this date.
  • Register for eStatements
  • Log on to to register for eStatements instead of paper statements and we'll email or text you when your latest  statement is ready. This will minimise the need for duplicate statements. We'll keep your statements securely for you for seven years.
  • Use your Visa Debit card
  • We've reduced the fee to 20c for Visa Debit card point of sale and ATM transactions. You also only pay for just one transaction if you get up to €100 cashback when using your Visa Debit card to pay for items. As well as withdrawing cash at the ATM you can also pay some of your bills.
  • Avoid using cheques

    Cheques are an expensive way to pay for things. Set up a direct debit or standing order instead to save you money.

    Using a directdebit, standing order or 365 phone/online are 20c per transaction while a cheque costs you €1.10 (Breakdown: €0.20 cheque charge +€0.50 Government Stamp Duty + €0.40 transaction cost = €1.10.)

  • Direct Debits
  • You can pay a wide range of bills like your energy, phone, insurance and mortgage by direct debit. Saving you money and ensuring your bills are paid on time.
  • Use 365 phone/online Transactions
  • We’ve reduced the fee for 365 transactions to 20c. That means they are  cheaper than paying by cheque or cheaper than using the over the counter service in branch.  With 365 phone/online you can transfer money to family and friends and pay for items online immediately. Register now
  • Register for Mobile banking
  • Use your smartphone to keep on top of your finances and take advantage of low-cost online transactions wherever you are. If you are already a 365 customer simply download the app from the App Store (iphone)or Google Play Store (Android).  If you are not already registered for 365 online click here to register now.

Tip Sheet on how to avoid or minimise fees

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