Investment – Bond Trader

Students can learn about business enterprise through our exciting challenge, where you get the opportunity to react to real life market situations.

What is the Bond Trader Challenge?

It is a game that teaches a number of concepts;

  • the laws of supply and demand
  • the relationship between interest rates and inflation
  • the importance of economic indicators.


Who is it for?

The Bond Trader challenge is designed for 5th and 6th year Business Studies, Accounting and Economics students.

How does it work?

This is all done through a fun, interactive, competitive game.

The challenge begins with;

  • an introduction to markets and trading
  • an explanation on how to trade with bonds, shares & cash followed by a sample scenario.


Each team will consist of 5 students who will have to respond to real market scenarios and make decisions on how to manage their own bond portfolio under time pressure. The challenge has 8 scored rounds with an interval after round 4. The winning team will be the team who scored the most over 8 rounds.

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