Dermot Bannon’s top tips for viewing your potential new home

Dermot Bannon tips. Get advice for viewing your potential new house from the architect featured on Room to Improve who helps to transform homes.

Dermot Bannon knows his houses. From his work as an architect, to RTE’s Room to Improve, he has helped transform the homes of hundreds of people. Here, he has compiled his top 5 tips for making sure you get the best out of each house viewing so that you can find your ideal home.


Really get to know your location. Talk to the neighbours. Walk the area and find out what all the local facilities are. A really good tip is to call into the local authority and have a look at the development control plan and see what is planned for the area into the future.

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A good aspect is vital to a good building. If you’re at home all day long you need to choose a house with a south facing aspect, if you’re at home in the evening more a west facing aspect could be a better fit.


When buying a house it’s really good to consider expansion in the future, leaving room for an extension. So make sure you’re leaving enough room to the side or to the rear of the house. That means a big enough garden to fit your plans

Older Homes

If you’re buying an older house try to find one which has as many of the original features intact as possible. That means fireplaces and timberwork. Don’t worry if you think it’s going to look dated or old-world, it won’t. If you clean it up the old and new can work really well together and there will be a lovely trace of history throughout the building.

Seek Advice

Take someone with you when you go to view the house. A friend, partner, or even an estate agent can be someone to bounce ideas off and can offer some good advice on your potential new home.

Always have an architect, an engineer, or a surveyor look at the house. There may be some structural defects and you need to know how much that’s going to cost to fix. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can before you buy.

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