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Dedicated to looking after individuals and families moving or returning to Ireland and available 24/7 the Coming to Ireland Team look after hundreds of customers every month. We’re here when you need us.

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Money Transfers

If you are relocating to Ireland, we’ll help you transfer any funds from overseas. You might want to move everything together or plan to move it little by little. Our foreign exchange specialists can help.

We’ll talk you through your payment options and support you in organising your bank transfers. We can help you convert your savings, shares or dividends and transfer them securely and efficiently to your Irish account. We offer very competitive foreign exchange rates  and preferential rates on amounts over €20,000.

We also offer currency accounts in over 20 different currencies.

Our rate watch service monitors exchange rates for you and you can make a currency conversion at a time and rate that suits you1. If you’re selling a property abroad, we will help you to transfer that money to your Irish account in the most cost effective way. If you plan to rent out your property abroad, we can explain your options on how to manage that regular income.

Remember, if you have a pension overseas, this could be affected by fluctuating exchange rates. Retirement planning and pension arrangements might not be a priority for you right now, but it’s something you should consider. Talk to us for expert advice and solutions.

Our specialist team are available at a time that suits you – online, email, on Facetime or Skype – and our phone team are available 24/7.

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1 Our rate watch service applies to transactions over €70,000.