Contactless is a quick, easy and secure way to pay for items up to €501 and is now available on Visa Debit cards that have the contactless symbol on them. It’s ideal for quick stops at coffee shops, grocery stores and pharmacies at home and abroad - anything up to the value of €501. There is no need to put your card into the terminal or enter your pin all you have to do is simply hold your debit card against the card reader.

How do I use it?

Instead of looking for change keep an eye out for the symbol   which lets you know that you can pay with contactless to make purchases more quickly for anything up to a maximum value of €50.1

  • Look out for the contactless symbol
  • Let the sales assistant know that you’d like to pay with contactless
  • Hold your card against the reader to pay
  • When you hear the beep or see the green light, your transaction is complete. A receipt is available on request.

For security purposes from time to time we’ll ask you to enter your pin.


1 Merchants will be increasing contactless limit from €30 to €50 with effect from 1st April 2020. Limits abroad my vary.