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  • How do I apply for an overdraft?

    You can apply for an overdraft online or by calling into your branch.

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  • Why would I get an overdraft rather than a personal loan?

    Overdrafts are suitable for smaller amounts in the short-term:

    • Overdrafts start at €500 which can remain on your account.
    • Personal loans start at €2000.

    You can set up an overdraft and then only use it when you need it. it will be there for you as a "financial cushion" when you need it most.

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  • How can I avoid interest surcharges on an overdraft?

    An interest surcharge occurs when you exceed the agreed limit or balance on your overdraft. You can prevent this from happening by taking the following simple steps:

    • Ensure your account balance does not exceed the agreed overdraft limit.
    • Check your account regularly to ensure that your balance is within the agreed limits.
    • Ensure your account is in credit for at least 30 days of every year.
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