Young Savers Current Account

The Young Savers Account is perfect for the savings of the tiniest new born right up to kids aged 12 years old. It can help to get your little one saving regularly and you can build up some extra savings for them too


  • Will my child receive an ATM or Visa debit card?

    Where the account holder is 14 or older a Visa debit card will be issued.

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  • How will I receive the new account details?

    The child named on the account opening request will receive details of their new junior account by post, this will be sent to the address details we hold on record for the parent or guardian.

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  • Can the new Junior account be registered on 365?

    Only 2nd level current accounts where the account holder is 14 or older may register to use 365 Phone and Digital Banking. If you meet this criteria register here now. Parents or guardians cannot register the account for viewing on 365 online.'

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  • How often will a statement be issued on these Junior Accounts?

    The account holder will receive a statement once a year.

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  • How do you close the Junior account?

    To close the account you can simply write to your branch quoting the account number to be closed.

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  • How can the child access their new Junior account?

    You can lodge and withdraw money from your account in a Bank of Ireland branch. Visit for branch service information and locations.

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  • How can I as Parent/Guardian transfer money into the Junior Account?

    You can transfer money into the new account as you would any other current account e.g.

    • By setting up a Standing Order to the Junior Account;

    • By registering the new Junior account as a payee on your 365 online.
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  • As a parent or guardian, what do I need to open a junior account on 365 online?

    All you will need to open an account is:

    1. 365 online login details;

    2. A Bank of Ireland current account registered with 365 online;

    3. The child’s details e.g. name, date of birth.
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  • How can I reduce my fees and charges?

    There are many ways you can reduce your fees and charges. Some saving tips are outlined below.


    • Register for 365 online. The service is free and most transactions only cost 10 cent.
    • Register for Mobile Banking. The service is also free and enables you to perform transactions and view balances wherever you are.
    • Use your Visa Debit card. Each point of sale transaction only costs 10 cent, while contactless payments are 1 cent.
    • Keep a minimum cleared balance of €3,000 per day to avoid transaction fees (A fee of €5 for maintaining the account will still apply).
    • Save on fees by using 365 online to access eStatements free of charge instead of paying €3.80 for the first page and €2.50 for each additional page for duplicate paper statements.
    • See how you can save by using our useful fee calculator here.

    DO NOT

    • Use cheques. These can cost up to €1.30 per transaction including stamp duty and handling charges.
    • Make manual cash payments to your account. These cost €0.60 per transaction. Rather than taking cash give your IBAN instead for faster, cheaper lodgements.
    • Unauthorised Overdraft. You will incur fees for referral items, and/or surcharge interest if you exceed the authorised overdraft limit on your account and it has an unauthorised overdraft.
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  • Easy Steps to Switching your Current Account

    Check out our Switching Guide.

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  • How can I change my address on my account?

    Personal customer with a sole account or joint account

    If you are registered for 365 online and your mobile phone can receive security codes, you can request this online through the ‘Service Desk’. Once submitted you will receive an email from the Bank asking for proof of your new address, the email you receive will include detailed instructions of the next steps required to finalise your change of address.

    • If you are not registered for 365 online (personal customers) You may print off and fill in the ‘change of details’ form and send the completed form and proof of your new address to: PO Box 365, Dublin 18. Acceptable documents are outlined on the ‘change of details’ form. It will take three to seven working days to update our records.

    • If you would like to register for Banking 365 (personal customers) Call us on 1890 365 500 to speak to the Activation Team. You will need your BOI Current Account number. (Please note - you must have an active Current Account with Bank of Ireland in order to register for Digital Banking)

    • Addition - For Joint a/c's - both parties need to be active users on 365 in order for it to be to be actioned. If only one party is an active 365 user then forms need to be posted out to the customer to be completed, signed and returned or alternatively print the form and have both parties sign the form and return.

    If you are a business customer in the Republic of Ireland, please contact the business advisor in your branch.

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  • What identification do I need to apply online?

    To apply online for a personal current account, you will need both photo ID and two forms of address verification. You also need to be over 18 years and resident in Ireland for at least 2 years.

    Our new document upload tool makes it really easy for you as you no longer have to go to the branch to have your ID verified.

    Simply take a photo of each with your mobile phone or tablet device. You can also use e-bills as your address verification and it’s important that your personal details on each (e.g. full name, date of birth and address) match to those provided in your application form.

    What we will accept as a valid form of Photo ID

    We will only accept a valid Irish Passport. Simply take a colour photo with your mobile phone or tablet device and take care to meet the following standards:

    • All 4 corners of your ID must be clearly visible. Keep those thumbs and fingers hidden!
    • The reference numbers and codes at the bottom of your photo ID must be clear and easily read
    • Please only take colour photos of your identification documents
    • Make sure your photo is of good quality and not blurry.

    What we will accept as your two valid forms of Address Verification

    To apply online, you will need to provide two forms of address verification along with your Photo ID. You can simply take photos of your address verification with your mobile or tablet device or upload an original e-bill. Please take care to follow our standards as follows

    Provide two from the following list of acceptable documents:

    1. Bank Statement or credit card statement
    2. Utility Bill
    3. Official documents and cards issued by Revenue Commissioners or Department of Social Protection
    4. Current household/motor insurance certificates and/or renewal notices
    • Make sure your personal details on each (full name and address) match to those provided in your application form and photo ID
    • Both documents must be originals and dated within the last 6 months
    • The reference numbers and codes must be clear and easily read
    • Your photo of your address verification documents must be of good quality (not blurry).
    • Your two pieces of address verification must be from different suppliers or if from the same supplier, then different bill types e.g. gas and electricity bills.
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  • How can I report a lost or stolen card?

    Contact our 24 hour Lost/Stolen Department:

    Republic of Ireland 1890 706 706
    Great Britain/Northern Ireland 0345 309 8099
    Outside these locations +353 567 757 007

    We will cancel your lost or stolen card and have the new card issued to your address on file within 5-7 working days.

    Please let us know immediately if you discover your card is lost or stolen. Otherwise, you’ll be liable for any losses up to the time you report the loss to us.
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