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Managing your card

  • How can I pay my credit card account and what are the time frames?

    Paying online

    To pay online, login to 365 online and go to Manage Payees. You can then add a payee (bill). Enter the details below to add your payee:

    • BIC (Optional): BOFIIE2D
    • IBAN: IE46BOFI90153899943016
    • Reference: you must add the FULL card number which appears on the front of your card

    All payments take 24 hours (excluding non-working days) to reach your credit card account.

    How to add a payee

    Payment by direct debit

    You can take the worry out of paying your bill by setting up a direct debit for one of the following:

    • The monthly minimum of amount, 2.5%
    • A fixed percentage of the outstanding balance
    • The entire outstanding amount

    Complete and return the direct debit mandate form to the address on the form.

    Paying by cash in any of our branches

    You can pay by cash in any of our branches using a Lodgement ATM. Cash payments made in our branches will be added to your credit card account on the same day.

    Please always allow enough time for your credit card to receive your payment by the due date on your statement.
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  • How can I increase or decrease the limit on my credit card?

    You can apply to increase or decrease the limit on your credit card using Card Care:

    1. Choose Services option
    2. Select Request a Credit Limit Change

    You can also apply to increase or decrease your limit by calling us on 1890 251 251.

    Please note: we can only take requests from the principal cardholder.

    Credit limit increases are subject to terms and conditions.

    You cannot reduce your credit limit below your current balance.
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  • How do I check my balance and view transactions?

    You have two online options: Card Care and 365 Online.

    Card Care

    Card Care is our online service for your Credit Card. There you can view real-time transactions and balances, including pending transactions.

    You can also set up a payment (either 2.5% or 100%) to your card on Card Care.

    365 online

    By adding your credit card to your 365 online profile you can quickly view your balance, payment due date and full transaction history at the click of a button.

    To make payments to your card you can add your card as a payee.

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