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  • How do I cancel a recurring payment on my credit card, for example a direct debit?

    To cancel a recurring payment, you need to call the merchant and cancel it with them directly. Have all your details to hand when you call them:

    • Your account number,
    • The amount you get charged
    • The date of the charge and date of transaction if different.
    • It may help to know the first payment date.

    It’s important to get confirmation from them in writing that the recurring payment will be cancelled and make sure to confirm the date of the final charge to your account.

    If the merchant does not cancel the recurring payment as you agreed then you can dispute this charge. To do this, please call us on 1890 251 251 or if you are abroad on +353 56 775 7747 as soon as the money is taken from your account to complete a Bank of Ireland Transaction Dispute Form and provide proof of cancellation such as an email.

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