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Protecting your card

  • Credit Card protection tips

    As a valued Bank of Ireland credit card customer, we want to protect you from fraud. Please see the Credit Card Protection Tips brochure below with some practical advice on how to protect your credit card. For your account security, we may decline certain transactions that could pose a risk of fraud, so it’s important to make sure your contact details are up to date.

    Credit Card Protection Tips Brochure

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  • Message to all credit card Card Protection Insurance customers

    Card Protection (CP) provided by Homecare Insurance Ltd, a subsidiary of CPPGroup plc, is an optional insurance policy which offers protection to policyholders in the event of card loss or fraud. Bank of Ireland previously offered this product to its credit card customers.

    At the request of the Central Bank of Ireland, Bank of Ireland and Homecare Insurance Limited agreed to participate voluntarily in a redress scheme for Bank of Ireland customers who purchased Card Protection insurance before the 1st of August 2011(the “Redress Scheme”). Eligible customers were given the opportunity to claim a refund of Card Protection premiums paid since the introduction of the Consumer Protection Code on the 1st of August 2006.

    The Redress Scheme has now closed. Any customers who wish to claim a refund of premiums can do so by contacting Homecare Insurance Limited’s information line 1800 646 518 or writing to them at:

    The Policy Review Team

    Homecare Insurance Limited

    Holgate Park


    YO26 4GA

    Bank of Ireland no longer offers this product and does not administer the Card Protection policy. Should you have any questions regarding your Policy we recommend you talk to the insurer directly via Homecare Insurance Limited’s information line - 1800 646 518.

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