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Travelling Abroad

  • I plan to travel abroad, what should I do?

    If you plan to travel abroad with your credit card, let us know. You can do this quickly and simply on CardCare or 365 online.

    Using Card Care

    1. Go to the Services option
    2. Select Overseas Travel
    3. Enter only one location

    When visiting multiple locations, enter the first location only. Update Card Care when you leave that location for your next destination.

    Using 365 online

    Let us know if you are travelling with credit or debit cards using 365 online.

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  • Tips for travelling abroad

    24 - hour helpline for lost and stolen cards

    Abroad: +353 56 7757007

    ROI: 1890 706 706

    Bring these numbers with you when travelling. Save them on your phone or write them down somewhere separate from where you normally store your card.

    Remember, thieves work quickly - so should you. If you lose your Bank of Ireland credit card, or if it is stolen, please tell us IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, you will be liable for any losses incurred up to the time you do actually report the loss to us.

    Pay in the local currency to avoid unknown charges

    Charges and exchange rates applied by retailers are typically higher and can vary.

    The exchange rate used will be determined by the Visa or MasterCard scheme on the banking day we take it from your account. Go to the Visa or MasterCard websites to check the approximate exchange rates that will be applied. A cross border handling fee of 2.25% is applied by us to all non-euro purchases.

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  • Will I be charged for using my credit card abroad?


    Eurozone Outside Eurozone
    Cross border handling fee None 2.25%
    Cash withdrawals Greater of €2.54 or 1.5% Greater of €2.54 or 1.5%

    ATM withdrawal limits

    The maximum daily withdrawal limits (below) depend on the type of ATM you use and the country you are in:

    ATM Chip & Pin Non Chip & Pin
    Maximum Daily Limit €700 €300

    You will be charged a cash withdrawal fee unless your credit card account is in credit when the transaction hits your account or has a zero balance after the transaction is completed.

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