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  • What should I do if I have a disputed transaction?

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    Please complete the attached form and return to the address on the bottom of the form.

  • How can I pay my credit card account and what are the time frames?

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    Paying online or over the phone

    You can pay by calling Bank of Ireland 365 phone on 0818 365 365, or online at Payments made using 365 services take 24hrs to process. We post payments on a Friday or over the weekend to your account the next working day. Payments made over the weekend may take longer to reach your account.

    Payment by direct debit

    You can set up a direct debit. Paying by direct debit is a convenient way of making sure that your future monthly minimum payments are collected from your bank account on the due date. The Download a direct debit mandate form here.

    Complete and return the form to Bank of Ireland, Personal Credit Cards, Operations Centre, Cabinteely, Dublin 18.

    Paying by cash or cheque in any of our branches

    You can pay by cash or cheque in any of our branches using our Lodgement ATMs. We credit cash payments to your credit card made in our branches to your account on the same day and become part of your available credit the day after.

    Tip: You can set up a direct debit to pay off your entire outstanding amount each month in order to avoid interest charges.


    If you are not a Bank of Ireland customer, you can send a cheque to PO Box 16120, Dublin 1. Please ensure you enclose the bank giro from the bottom of your credit card statement and write your card number on the back of the cheque.  Please never send cash in the post. Allow time for the cheque to be received by our credit card services before the due date.

    Tip: Please always allow sufficient time for the payment to be received by your credit card before the due date on your statement.

  • How do I apply for a Bank of Ireland credit card?

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    You can apply for a credit card online here, over the phone on 1890 365 100, or by calling your local branch. See our branch locator for contact details.

    You can view your credit card transactions by adding your credit card to your list of accounts on 365 online. Use the ‘Add your BOI Account’ form on the Online Service Desk area of 365 or call Banking 365 on 0818 365 365. Please note that this is only available to the main cardholder.

    Tip: You must hold a Bank of Ireland current account or demand deposit (savings) account to use 365 online

  • I am planning to travel abroad, what should I do?

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    Tell us when and where you are going. We may need to contact you while you are away to verify that certain transactions on your credit card are legitimate. If you are travelling abroad and intend on using your credit card you should notify the bank and we will put a note on our Bank of Ireland Card
    You can do this on 365online by using the “submit a query” option and selecting Credit Card Notification or ring us on 1850 251 251.

  • Can I see my credit card transactions online?

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    You can view your credit card transactions by adding your credit card to your list of accounts on 365 online. Use the ‘Add your BOI Account’ form on the Online Service Desk area of 365 or call Banking 365 on 0818 365 365. Please note that this is only available to the main cardholder.

    Tip: You must hold a Bank of Ireland current account or demand deposit (savings) account to use 365 online

  • Who do I call if I have a non-urgent issue with my credit card?

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    Contact us:

    Republic of Ireland:                        1890 251 251

    Great Britain/ Northern Ireland:    0845 309 8099

    Outside these locations:               +353 567 757 747

    Our opening hours are:

    Monday-Friday:                                 8:00am - 8:00pm

    Saturday:                                           8:00am - 6:00pm

    Sunday & Bank Holidays:              10:00am - 5:00pm

  • How can I report a lost or stolen card?

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    Contact our 24 hour customer service:

    Republic of Ireland:                      1890 706 706

    Great Britain/ Northern Ireland:  0845 309 8099

    Outside these locations:             +353 567 757 007

    We’ll cancel your lost or stolen credit cards and have new credit cards sent out to you.

    Tip: please let us know us immediately you discover your card is lost or stolen. Otherwise, you’ll be liable for any losses up to the time you report the loss to us.

  • How long will it take for me to receive a new or replacement Credit Card.

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    From the day your card is requested, it will take between 7 to 10 working days. It may take a bit longer if there is a Bank Holiday during that period.

  • What are the cash advance fees for withdrawing cash from my credit card?

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    The cash withdrawal fee is €2.54 or 1.5% (whichever is greater).

    You can avoid fees if your credit card account is in credit when the transaction hits the account or if it has a zero balance after the transaction is completed.

  • How long does it take to set up a new direct debit to pay a credit card bill?

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    It takes one full billing cycle (30 days) for a direct debit mandate to take effect. Remember to keep making payments until your direct debit has been set up.

    Tip: You can check if your direct debit is active by checking your most recent credit card statement. If you look at the payment section and see, “Your account will be debited on...” you know that a direct debit is set up. 

  • How do I avoid paying interest on my credit card?

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    Make sure that you pay your outstanding balance in full each month before the due date.

    If you don’t pay your bill in full and on time, we charge interest on the full balance due. We show this on your statement.  If you do not pay your credit card by the due date, a late payment fee may also apply.

    Cash Advances: There is no interest free period for cash advances, cash advance fees or cross border handling fees and we will charge interest from the date the cash advance transaction is posted to the Account, unless your account is in credit to fully meet the cash advance, cash advance fee and (or) cross border handling fee. 

    We don’t class refunds from merchants as payments to your account.

    Tip: It may take up to 3 working days for payment to reach your account so please allow for that.

  • Are there any charges for using my credit card abroad?

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    Within the Eurozone, there are no additional charges for using your card to make purchases.

    Outside the Eurozone, a cross-border handling fee of 2.25% applies on all transactions regardless of whether your credit card account is in credit or not. When you withdraw cash, a cash withdrawal fee of €2.54 or 1.5% (whichever is greater)-applies unless your credit card account is in credit when the transaction hits the account or has a zero balance after the transaction is completed.

    When you’re abroad, there may be a limit for the amount you can withdraw from ATMs. If the ATM uses chip and PIN technology, the limit is €700. If the ATM doesn’t use chip and PIN technology, the limit is up to €300. These limits are subject to the limit in that particular country.

  • How do I unlock or change my credit card pin?

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    You can change your credit card PIN at any Bank of Ireland ATM.

    1. Select the option for ‘Other Services’ followed by the option to ‘Change PIN’;

    2. The ATM will prompt you to enter your new credit card PIN number twice;

    3. You’ve now changed your credit card PIN number.

    You can reset a PIN blocked at an ATM after 24hrs. Follow the same 3-step process shown above for unlocking PIN. If you forget your PIN you can request a PIN reminder from us by calling: 1890 251 251.

    Tip: Be vigilant with your PIN. Never write it down, don’t keep your card and PIN together and make sure nobody can see your number when you enter it.

  • How long does it take to get a credit card and PIN reminder?

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    If you’re ordering a card or a PIN, it takes 3-5 working days to be sent to the address we have for you on file. If you’re ordering both a card and PIN, it takes 6-8 working days.

  • Can I cancel a direct debit over the phone that I have set up to pay on my credit card?

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    Yes, just call on (ROI) 1890 251 251 or (Abroad) +353 567 757 747.

    Tip: If the company continues to request payment from your credit card account please notify us immediately and we’ll be able to issue a chargeback on your behalf.

  • What do I do if a company goes into liquidation, and I have purchased a service/product from them using my credit card?

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    If a company goes into liquidation, you may have chargeback rights for products or services you’ve paid for on your credit card but not yet received.

    Please contact us so we can investigate this for you and send us details including:

    1. The invoice for the purchase.

    2. Proof of payment.

    3. Confirmation from the liquidation company stating that they won’t provide the goods or services and that they will not be able to reimburse you.

    4. A cover letter stating that you have attempted to contact the company.

    Please forward the above documentation to:

    Bank of Ireland, Chargebacks Department, 2nd Floor, Operations Centre, Cabinteely, Dublin 18.

    If airlines, tour operators or travel agents go into liquidation:

    If an airline company goes into liquidation and you’ve booked flights directly with the airline (on the internet)-using your credit card, you may have a chargeback right once you provide the above documentation.

    If a tour operator or travel agent, licensed in Ireland, goes into liquidation, please contact the Commission for Aviation Regulation on 01 661 1700.

    If a travel agent or tour operator, licensed in the UK, goes into liquidation, please contact the Civil Aviation Authority on 0044 129 357 3725.

  • What can I do if I pay for goods with my credit card but donít receive them?

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    First, please contact the company that supplies the product or service to resolve the situation.

    If the supplier does not respond or the situation is not rectified, please contact us in writing giving us the details and we’ll investigate this on your behalf. Please include copies of any correspondence between yourself and the supplier including the original order confirmation and send them to:

    Bank of Ireland, Chargebacks Department, 2nd Floor, Operations Centre, Cabinteely, Dublin 18.

  • How do I request a copy of a previous statement?

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    You can request copy statements by calling credit card services 1890 251 251.

    Alternatively, if you have registered your card to your 365 profile, login and select ‘Order Duplicate Statements’ from the Online Service Desk area of the site. Charges apply for statement copies - €3.80 for the first page of each individual statement and €2.50 for each subsequent page of that statement.

    Tip: Credit Card Account Summaries can be viewed on 365 online for up to the previous 12 months at no charge.

  • How do I apply for a card limit increase/decrease?

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    Please call us on 1890 251 251 to increase or decrease your limit.

    Please note: we can only take requests from the principle cardholder.

    You can request a review of your credit limit every 12 months. Credit limit increases are subject to terms and conditions.

    Tip: You cannot reduce your credit limit below your current balance. 

  • What is a CVV number?

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    A CVV number is the 3- digit numbers displayed on the back of your card in the signature panel. It’s usual for suppliers to ask for your CVV number when you’re buying from them over the internet or over the phone

  • What is Government stamp duty?

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    Stamp duty on credit cards is currently €30 per account, regardless of the number of cardholders.

    Government stamp duty is another name for a government tax. We collect this tax on behalf of the revenue each year on April 1st for the previous year and pass it on to them. We also collect it when you close your account or move to an address outside the Republic of Ireland.

    You can find more details on Government stamp duty here

  • How do I add an additional cardholder to my account?

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    To add another cardholder, the principle main cardholder and the new additional cardholder must both complete an additional cardholder form.

    You can get this form by calling us on 1890 251 251 or dropping in to any branch. The additional cardholder needs to give us their proof of ID and address.

    Please send the completed form and supporting documentation to:

    Bank of Ireland Card Services, New Business Unit, 2nd floor, Operations Centre, Cabinteely, Dublin 18.

    Please note: The additional cardholder must be 18 or over and live at the same address as the main cardholder.

  • How do I make a claim or cancel my payment or purchase protection?

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    You can get a claim form from Genworth Financial by contacting them on +353 61 73 73 73 or you can write to them at:

    Genworth Financial, PO Box 602, Shannon, Co Clare.

    You can also see their website here.

    To cancel your payment or purchase protection, please write to:

    Clerical, Bank of Ireland, Clerical Department, PO Box 1102, Dublin 2.

    Tip: Remember to include your credit card details with your request.

  • What is an Instalment Plan and how does it work?

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    With a credit card Instalment Plan, you can transfer larger purchases over to your Instalment Plan. This means you can buy something now, and spread the cost over 12 months- at a discounted rate of only 6.9% APR variable.

    You can move up to two purchases at any one time onto the Instalment Plan. You can’t transfer cash advances or interest payments. It is only available for purchases over €500.

    Setting up an Instalment Plan

    Apply online here or call us on 1890 251 251 to set up your Instalment Plan. The transfer happens overnight on your account or the next working day if it’s the weekend or a bank holiday. The minimum amount is €500 and the maximum is 80% of your credit limit. When you move your purchase to your plan, we’ll tell you what your 12 repayment amounts will be. The first payment will be shown separately on your next credit card statement.

    What do I need to move a purchase to my Instalment Plan?

    You need 4 things:

    1. The specifics details of the particular purchase you want to transfer to your plan;

    2. The date you bought it;

    3. The amount it was for;

    4. The name of the shop or supplier you bought it from.

    Your credit card limit covers items on your credit card and on your Instalment Plan facility. For example, if you have a limit of €2,000 and decide to put a purchase worth €1,000 on the Instalment Plan then you’ll have €1,000 of credit remaining on the credit card. Of course, as you make monthly payments on the Instalment Plan, your available credit starts to increase.

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