Life Goals Support

A plan built around your specific needs and goals.

Life Goals Support

In Premier, you’re the boss. You’re the one making the decisions. But you also have the assistance of a team of people who really know the lie of the land – your Premier Banking Team – who are especially welcome at key moments in life, such as when you’re buying a home, providing for a child’s education or weighing up your retirement options.

Your Financial Health check is available at no extra cost. You can meet our team in person, over the phone or at a place and time that suits you.

By developing a deeper understanding of your wants and needs, Our Premier Banking team are perfectly placed to bring clarity to your financial goals and suggest the right financial plans for your stage in life.

During the meeting, we will help you:

  • Assess your current financial position and your specific life goals and ambitions
  • Outline what options are available to you and what you can do to secure goals
  • Refer you to specialists in investments, foreign exchange and property services if you want more specialised support
  • Be financially prepared and ensure finances are organised in the most effective way
  • Feel reassured that you are preparing and on track to achieve future goals.

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