Simon StrongSimon Strong – Private Client Manager
Phone: 0877965005

Private 24/7 0818 365 121

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As your Private Client Manager, I am your direct point of contact. I am available to assist you in managing your on-going banking and wealth requirements as well as ensuring that you have access to specialist support on a range of services when required.

  • Private 24/7

    We understand you may be busy, and it’s not always convenient for you to manage your finances during regular banking hours. So, in addition to the access to Private Client Managers, you also have access to our dedicated Private 24/7 Banking Team of Qualified Financial Advisors.

    You can contact this Team on 0818 365 121 for any of your banking needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


To find out more about Private, please visit Private website.