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  • What is Bank of Ireland 365 online?

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    365 online offers you the convenience and flexibility to do your day-to-day banking - at any time or in any place that suits you. It lets you carry out a wide range of banking activities including paying a utility bill, checking your balance, transferring money to other accounts and accessing eStatements.

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  • How do I get started?

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    You must have a Bank of Ireland current or demand deposit account in order to register/use 365 online and phone.

    Step 1: Register

    You can register for 365 online and phone in one of the following ways, (please remember to have your account number on hand).:
    1. Complete the registration form online;
    2. Contact us at Bank of Ireland 365 phone.

    Step 2: Validate PIN

    We will send you a six digit 365 PIN in the post. You will need to validate your pin with a 365 Customers Service agent where you will be asked a number of questions to confirm your identity. After validation the agent will provide you with your User ID, this is needed when logging in to 365 online or the Mobile Banking app.

    Step 3: Login

    To login to 365 online or the Mobile Banking app you will need::
    • Your user ID;
    • Password information (made up of personal details – DOB or last 4 digits of your contact number);
    • Your six digit 365 PIN.

  • Does it cost me anything to use the service?

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    There is no additional charge for the service however normal transaction and service charges as well as international fees and charges may apply. For more details, please see our Fees and Charges section.

  • Does Bank of Ireland have a Mobile Banking app?

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    Yes, if you are already a 365 online customer all you will need to do is download our app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play store (Android). You will then be able to log in with your 365 online login information.

    For more info please visit the Mobile Banking section of the Bank of Ireland website or the Mobile Banking FAQs.

  • What is the cut-off time for money transfers on 365 online ?

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    Transfer cut off times on 365 online differ by region:

    • ROI customers -  3:30pm (working day).
    • UK customers -   4:30pm (working day).

    Where payments are requested on, or scheduled for a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday, these payments will be processed on the next working day and will be subject to the limit for that working day.

    If you give us a payment instruction to pay money from your Account, we treat the payment instruction as given on the banking day ("D") on which we actually get it, so long as it is received by us before the cut off time. If we receive it after the cut-off time it will be treated as received by us on the next banking day. If the payment is in euro and PSR-regulated we will ensure the payee’s bank is paid within one banking day of D. If it is a cross-border payment* in Sterling or another EEA currency (non-euro) we will ensure the payee’s bank is paid within three banking days of D. If the international* (non SEPA) transfer is not PSR regulated, we may take more time to pay it to the payee’s.

    * Republic of Ireland only

  • How do I add a payee on 365 online?

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    To add a payee, please select ‘Add a Payee’ from the ‘365 Home’ screen and follow the instructions.
    To activate the new payee, you will require a security code which can be sent directly to your mobile phone or mailed to you by postAlternatively please see our demo for instructions on how to add a payee.

  • I need to speak to a 365 phone agent, what number should I call?

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    • From Republic of Ireland: 0818 365 365;

    • From Great Britain or Northern Ireland: 0845 7 365 555;

    • Outside these locations: + 353 1 404 4000.

    Hours of operation:

    Monday-Friday:                                             8:00am- Midnight            

    Saturday/Sunday or bank holidays:          9:00am-6:00pm

  • My 365 online session has ended abruptly. Why might that happen?

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    For security reasons we have disabled the back, forward and refresh buttons of the browser so if you perform one of these actions your session may end. Your session may also be terminated if you perform another action while the page is still loading.

    Tip: Use the left hand navigation or where available, the back buttons within the page to navigate around the site.

  • Can I change my 365 PIN or User ID?

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    You can change your 365 PIN at any time using the 365 phone self-service menu – just select ‘Other Services’ and ‘Change your 365 PIN’. Your unique 365 online user ID cannot be changed.

  • If I lose or have forgotten my 365 PIN, how do I get a new one?

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    If you lose or forget your 365 PIN, simply call 365 phone during  agent hours and we will issue you with a new one. When you receive your new 365 PIN, you will need to call us again to validate it.

    Tip: You cannot use 365 phone, online or mobile banking services until your new 365 PIN is validated.

  • Can I register a joint account on 365 online?

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    You can register a joint account for 365 if the account needs only one person’s signature to carry out a transaction. If you and the other account holder of a joint account want to use the 365 phone and 365 online services, you must both apply separately.

  • Can I download my transaction history for my own records?

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    Yes, you can download your recent transaction history in CSV (comma separated value) format for current and demand deposit (savings) accounts. The option to download transaction history can be found at the bottom of the 'Recent Transactions' page.

  • What accounts can I register on Bank of Ireland 365 online?

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    You can register any or all of the following accounts that you have with Bank of Ireland via 365 online:

    • Your current accounts and demand deposit (savings)  accounts;

    • Your Bank of Ireland credit card accounts;

    • Certain loan accounts;

    • Your Bank of Ireland Mortgage*;

    • Your Term, Notice or Regular Savings Plan*;

    • Your Stock Market Based Investment or Regular Savings Plan*.

    * Republic of Ireland only. 

  • How can I opt out of Marketing consent?

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    You can ask at any time to stop or change the methods by which marketing materials are sent to you. You can do this free of charge by writing to; Bank of Ireland, Consumer Banking, New Century House, Mayor St. Lower, IFSC, Dublin 1.

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