2nd Level Current Account

Why do we offer students more? It’s simple. Because in ten years’ time, you’ll still be one of our customers. You can start taking more control of your life and your money. With your own bank account you can save up for something big or spend a little whenever you want– it’s up to you.

Features & Benefits

What you get with a 2nd Level Current Account

  • If you are 14 or over, you will receive a Visa Debit Card which will allow you to shop and pay for your purchases directly from your 2nd level student current account. It also saves you carrying cash around, so it’s perfect for school trips abroad. A Visa Debit card is a quick, easy and better way to pay.

    You can use your Visa Debit card at home and abroad to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for goods and services. However, there may be charges for using your Visa Debit card abroad, so please check our Schedule of Fees & Charges brochure.

  • Online banking, Mobile banking and Telephone banking – bank whenever you want, wherever you want.

  • Access to Ireland’s largest ATM and Branch network.

  • You will not be charged fees on the following day to day banking transactions for the duration of your studies:

    • Lodgements.
    • Debit card transactions and cash back (for Debit Card, ATM and Point of Sale transactions and cash back there may be fees and charges for using your card (Visa Debit) abroad. For full details click here to see our brochure “Schedule of Fees and Charges for Personal Customers”; it is also available in branch).
    • Debit/credit transactions using 365 online or phone or mobile banking.
    • Withdrawals at Bank of Ireland ATM’s or in branches.
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