Enjoy more... ...at no extra cost

...at no extra cost

Premier is available to customers at no additional cost.

However, it is only offered to those who meet one of the following criteria:

Have an Individual annual gross income of €100,000 (€140,000 for joint account) paid into a Bank of Ireland current account.


Have €100,000 (or €140,000 jointly) saved or invested with Bank of Ireland.

Switch to Premier

Switch to Premier

You’ll find making the move to Premier is easy. Plus you’ll have the support of the Premier 24/7 team to help you every step of the way:

If you’re interested in switching to Premier, simply fill out our Premier Contact form or email us at premierbanking@boi.com and our team will be in touch.

FAQs for Premier

FAQs for Premier

  • How can I find out if I qualify?

    Premier is available only to customers who have an individual gross annual income of at least €100,000 (or a joint income of at least €140,000) that is paid into a Bank of Ireland current account, and to customers who have savings or investments of at least €100,000 with Bank of Ireland Group.

    Email us at premierbanking@boi.com and we’ll check your details.

  • Who can I speak to about Premier Banking?

    As a Premier banking customer, you can speak with Premier 24/7 on 1890 365 121 or +353 1 4044022 (outside the Republic of Ireland. If would like to become a Premier banking customer, please contact us on 1890 365 365 or fill out the form.

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