Save for Kids

Planning for the future financial independence of the young ones in your life today is probably the best gift you can give them.

Your future Money Smarties

It’s only natural to want the best for the kids in your life, whether they’re your own, your nieces, nephews, grandchildren or godchildren. Planning for their future financial independence is such a positive thing to do. Whether you choose to save, invest or do a little bit of both, this first step that you take is the beginning of their journey to becoming true Money Smarties, for which they will be forever grateful.

Short Term

Ollie the Owl


A simple, flexible account that can be opened online. Perfect for saving for kids of any age in the short term. You can save money in regularly by monthly direct debit and access it easily on demand.

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The perfect option if you wish to save for a child under the age of 18 years. The account is opened in your own name with the child’s name noted on the account. You have the option to save regularly by direct debit or lodge lump sums which ever suits best.

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Ollie the Owl

Medium – Long Term

Ollie the Owl

Investing for The Future

If you’re thinking about longer term goals, like saving for a child’s third level education and are willing to take a little more risk for possibly a little more return, there are lots of investment options for you to choose from. Visit our investment pages to find out more about how to start your investment journey.

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Download your Ollie the Owl activity packs

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Download the Ollie the Owl Pack.
A fun activity pack for kids

Ollie the Owl is also on hand to help. The Ollie the Owl pack is full of fun money themed games and activities to help kids understand the value of money and become true money smarties. Download the pack now.

Download Talking Cents with Kids.
A guide for parents and guardians

Created for parents and guardians with children up to the age of 12. The content has been written to promote good money habits and general money awareness. Download the guide now.

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