3rd Level Current Account

If you are a full time 3rd level student studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification, you can apply for a 3rd level current account now – either in branch or online.

We’re on or near every campus across the country to offer help and advice to students and we also have a range of tailored products to suit your lifestyle.

Features & Benefits

With a 3rd level Current Account you can get:

  • With a 3rd level student current account, you will not be charged fees on the following day to day banking transactions for the duration of your studies:

    • Lodgements
    • Direct debits and standing orders
    • Debit card transactions and cash back (for Debit Card, ATM and Point of Sale transactions and cashback there may be fees and charges for using your card (Visa Debit) abroad.
    • Debit/credit transactions using 365 online or phone or mobile banking
    • Withdrawals at Bank of Ireland ATM’s or in branches
  • Visa Debit Card with free contactless payments - make purchases in seconds at home and abroad by simply tapping your card on the reader

  • Get cashback rewards from well-known brands when you register your Visa Debit card for Live Life Rewards

  • Want to buy something, but don’t have the cash? Talk to us today about a student loan for your first car, car insurance or that laptop you really want.

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