2nd Level Current Account

Be money smart. Open a 2nd Level current account and stash your pocket money or anything you earn from your part time job in to it. Then manage your money on your terms. Spend or save. It’s up to you.

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Features & Benefits

Fees and Charges …

With a 2nd Level current account, there are no fees for maintaining the account and no individual charges for a range of current account transactions and services. There are a small number of services that you may be charged for, such as using your debit card for transactions in a foreign currency – see here for more details


You can set up a Standing Order or a Direct Debit from your Second Level current account to manage recurring payments.

If you’re aged 14 or over you’ll get …

  • Your very own Debit card

Once your 2nd Level current account is open, you’ll get your debit card. It’s such a smart, quick and easy way to pay. Put your pocket money or anything you earn from your part time job into your 2nd Level current account and use your debit card:

  • Mobile payments are now available: You can make quick, easy and contactless payments using your phone/devices – click here to find out more about Apple Pay and click here for Google Pay.1
  • To pay for online shopping
  • Instead of carrying cash around
  • When away on trips abroad (there may be charges if you use your debit card abroad)
  • To withdraw cash from an ATM
  • Access to online, mobile and phone banking2

Once your 2nd Level current account is open you can download the Bank of Ireland app to your smartphone and check your account balance and transactions and access other useful services when you’re on the go. Just call 1800 946 156 to register3

If you’re aged under 14 you’ll get …

Your very own 2nd Level current account with your debit card BUT you’ll need your parent/legal guardian’s consent to apply for the account and you’ll need to complete the application for the account in your local branch – see How to Apply for details of what you need to open an account if you’re under 14

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1 Google Pay require you to be aged 16-18 and have your parent or legal guardian's permission to accept their terms of service.
2 Online, mobile and phone banking is not available to students under the age of 14.
3 There are terms and conditions for 365 online, phone and mobile banking, available on www.bankofireland.com.

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