Start saving for your mortgage a Mortgagesaver account online in minutes.

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Online Savings Accounts

If you’re already a 365 online, Mobile Banking or phone banking customer, you know how valuable and convenient internet banking can be. Now you can get the same convenience with one of our 365 savings accounts.
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Regular Savings Accounts

Regular savers accounts are savings accounts that allow you to set aside a specific amount each month. Typically you can save to these types of accounts by setting up a direct debit from your current account each month.
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Fixed Term Savings Accounts

At particular times in your life you may find that you have a sum of money you can put away. It could be a lump sum received through inheritance, retirement or even from savings built up over the years. One option for such a lump sum deposit is a Fixed Term Deposit Account.
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Demand and Notice Accounts

Demand deposit accounts are Bank of Ireland's most convenient savings accounts. they earn a variable interest rate, have no minimum or maximum savings limits and have no limits on cash access to the account.
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Currency Deposit Account


  • Make a foreign currency payment
  • Send or receive regular payments

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