International Transfers & Foreign Exchange

A world of foreign exchange and international payment options at your fingertips. Safe and easy ways to send money abroad and manage foreign currency.

With a variety of ways to transact online or in branch.

Currency Converter
How to make an international money transfer - Link layer

How to make an international money transfer

Use your 365 Online account to send money abroad and make an international transfer.
Foreign Exchange Currency Converter - Link layer
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Foreign Exchange Currency Converter

Use our foreign exchange converter to find out the easiest way to transfer money.
Daily Foreign Exchange Rates - Link layer
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Daily Foreign Exchange Rates

Find out more about the daily foreign exchange rates available from your branch.
Branch Currency Choices - Link layer
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Branch Currency Choices

Bank of Ireland offers foreign currency exchange services to BOI customers at all our cash branches around the country.
Online Currency Choices - Link layer
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Online Currency Choices

Find out more about the foreign exchange rates available on 365 online.
Currency Deposit Account - Link layer
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Currency Deposit Account


  • Make a foreign currency payment
  • Send or receive regular payments