Currency Deposit Account

Bank of Ireland Global Markets offers a comprehensive range of foreign exchange services, including the operation of foreign currency account. We currently offer accounts in all major currencies including Sterling, US Dollars, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc and Polish Zloty

Features and Benefits

Currency accounts can be particularly beneficial if you are

  • Making a foreign currency payment at a specific time in the future
  • If you send or receive regular payments in the same (non-Euro) currency i.e. paying university fees in a different currency to your home currency, or receiving your salary in a foreign currency
  • If you want to manage your overall foreign currency exposure
If used incorrectly you may be exposed to foreign currency risk. Consultation with our experienced Treasury Specialists or your Branch Relationship Manager is advisable to ensure that a currency account is suitable for your requirements. It is important that you fully understand the benefits and risks associated with foreign exchange.

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