Worried about your finances?

We’re here to help find a way to relieve the pressure.
You can talk to a specialist on our dedicated team to discuss your options on
1800 500 365 or 0818 210 324
9am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Money worries

If you’re having problems with making repayments or feel like you’re falling behind we’ll do our best to help you get back on track…..

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Financial Difficulty

We have options available that can help. We know it can be hard to talk about your finances but the sooner you get in touch with us, the more options you’ll have. Remember, speaking to us doesn’t impact your credit report, but missing a payment might.

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Independent Advice

There are a number of independent organisations which provide advice for free. We have listed some of these, with the links to their websites, so you can find out more.

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Budget Planner

Tracking your income and spending helps you to see where your money is going.


Tools and Calculators

Simple and useful tools that help you manage your money.

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Spend Tracker Money Insights (Mi 365)

In App Spend Tracker Money Insights (Mi 365)

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