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Delivering employee financial wellbeing in the workplace

About Bank at Work

Bank at Work is a service we offer to employers to help support their employees’ financial wellbeing.

Open to all employees, Bank at Work is designed to fit around their schedule and is available at a time and in a way that suits them. Offering the service, which has financial wellbeing at its centre, will help you to attract, excite and retain employees. It also demonstrates a genuine concern for improving the quality of your employees’ lives. Bank at Work requires no minimum participation level and is available at no cost to employers.

What we can offer you and your employees

Bank at Work provides:

  • Easy and convenient access to expert financial support at a time and place that suits your employees, including a personalised online portal to ensure your employees can access information on the go
  • A range of financial wellbeing talks and seminars (virtually and in person) to help support your employee wellbeing programme
  • Tailored products and services with preferential offers and discounts that are exclusive to Bank at Work company partners and their employees

In addition, as a Bank at Work company partner, we can tailor our service to you and the unique needs of your employees.

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What our customers say…

A male mobile mortgage manager customer with a beard and glasses wearing a blue and red tartan shirt

“I’ve attended multiple sessions hosted by the Bank of Ireland team over the past few months and I really appreciate them, they’re very useful and insightful so thank you for that!.”

Couple smiling at each other at kitchen table

“Just want to say thanks so much for that Financial Wellbeing Talk – you guys were amazing. I’m delighted with the response you got from employees here.”

Man smiling at camera with arms crossed

“Thank you so much for the webinar this morning; it was really interesting and came over once again in a friendly manner, making it seem that looking at our finances wouldn’t be so daunting either.”

Cropped shot of a mature businessman working at his desk

“Thanks so much for all the Bank at Work team’s hard work in helping to improve financial wellbeing at our company. We really appreciate the difference you make for our employees.”

Couple hugging with joy

“Thank you so much for all your help and support in helping us with our mortgage. Without you we wouldn’t be so happy in our new home. Thank you for being so approachable, professional and helpful. We can’t thank you enough.”