Protect your home with Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection helps to protect your home if you die by paying off the outstanding mortgage.

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Protecting Your Home Made Simple

We can put your mortgage protection in place with a few simple steps. For most this could be as simple as 7 questions, in 7 minutes and your cover will be sorted.


  • 1. Tell us some things about you

    Give us some information about your finances and the mortgage you are looking to protect (7 questions)

  • 2. We’ll outline your cover options and recommend the right cover for you

    We’ll show you the types of cover available and any additional benefits that you can choose so that the cover is right for you.

  • 3. Complete your application in as little as 7 minutes

    You can complete your application online in as little as 7 minutes or speak with one of our advisors and have one less thing to worry about in your home buying journey.

Buying your home is one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make, so putting the right cover in place to protect it should be a top priority. By law, with limited exceptions, if you have a mortgage on your principle residence, you must have Mortgage Protection.

This cover is a form of life cover designed specifically to repay your loan if you die with the cover decreasing over the term of the policy to broadly match the reducing balance of the mortgage to be repaid. This policy is typically assigned to your mortgage provider to ensure the outstanding balance of the mortgage is repaid in full on your death.

Our cover is one of the most flexible mortgage protection plans in the market today. It is suitable for first time buyers or anyone topping up or trading up their mortgage. It gives you great value mortgage protection cover with the flexibility to change your level of cover as your needs change.


We’ve added new benefits to your cover - Link layer

We’ve added new benefits to your cover

BetterHealth is our latest online GP and healthcare services that are now available when you take out a policy with us.
Protecting What Matters Most – Webinar - Link layer

Protecting What Matters Most – Webinar

This webinar will explain how to financially protect yourself, those you love and the things you love.
Protection FAQs - Link layer

Protection FAQs

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