Sending money abroad and making international transfers

Bank of Ireland offers customers a number of safe and easy ways to send and receive foreign currency. Make transfers via 365 Online, in app, or for larger amounts our FX team can help.

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How to make an international money transfer

There are a number of reasons why customers may need to send or receive foreign currency, also known as forex payments, or international bank transfers. Reasons may include:

  • Sending money abroad to friends or family
  • Buying property or cars abroad
  • Paying for overseas tuition fees
  • Being paid by employer in another currency
  • Owning shares that are in a foreign currency

We have outlined below the best ways for customers to send and receive foreign currency:

  • Currency Transfers up to €20,000 - 365 Online & Mobile App

    For currency transfers up to €20,000 the most suitable channel is via 365 Online, via desktop or app. Making international bank transfers on 365 Online or our app is easy, and you can do so in a few simple clicks.

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    You can save significantly by sending your payments online. There are no payment fees on Bank of Ireland international payments to the UK, EU Member States and EEA Countries (e.g. Sterling to UK, Zloty to Poland). Countries with an FX Conversion (e.g. US$ to United States) are only €5.

    To see a list of countries you can send payments to with 365 Online please see here:

    Which countries can I make payments to using online banking?

    Full details of our International payment transaction charges are contained in our brochure Schedule of International Transaction Charges, also available from any branch.

    To view our Schedule of International Transaction Charges document, please click here.

For further information, see our International Payments Support section