Demand and Notice Accounts

Demand deposit accounts are Bank of Ireland’s most convenient savings accounts. They earn a variable interest rate, have no limits on cash access to the account and can be opened online.

Demand Deposit Account

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Bank of Ireland’s Demand Deposit Account is the simplest account you’ll ever need. You can open the account with no minimum balance and you’ll always have access to your money.


  • Suitable for short term savings
  • Variable interest rate
  • Minimum lodgement €1


  • Open an account online
  • Instant access to your money

Notice Deposit Account

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With a minimum deposit of €5,000, you can open a Notice Deposit Account which allows you access to your funds with notice. Notice Deposit Accounts are capped at a maximum of €100,000. A notice period is required to access funds.


  • Minimum lodgement €5,000
  • Variable interest rate
  • Terms available: 31 Days


  • Serve notice online

Childsave Account

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Bank of Ireland makes it very easy to start saving for your children's, your grandchildren’s or your godchildren’s future. You can save to the account by direct debit for as little as €20 per month or as much as €500 per month or even lodge additional lump sums.


  • Account opened in adults name
  • Save monthly by direct debit
  • Lodgements of up to €10,000


  • Instant access to your money

Young Savers Current Account

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The Young Savers Account is perfect for the savings of the tiniest new born right up to kids aged 12 years old. It can help to get your little one saving regularly and you can build up some extra savings for them too.


  • Receive interest on savings
  • Easily access funds
  • Open online in minutes


  • Designed for ages 0 – 12

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