Childsave Account

Bank of Ireland makes it very easy to start saving for your children's, your grandchildren’s or your godchildren’s future. You can save to the account by direct debit for as little as €20 per month or as much as €500 per month or even lodge additional lump sums to the account. ChildSave Accounts are opened in your own name with the child’s name noted on the account. Once the child turns 7, we will write to you to open a Young Saver account.

Features and Benefits

Want to save for your Child’s future? Start today.

Features of the Childsave Deposit account:

  • Save monthly by direct debit – minimum €20 per month, maximum €500 per month
  • Lodge up to a maximum of €10,000 in lump sum payments
  • You can withdraw your money from the account, once a month, without penalty

The account is opened in respect of the child (who must be under 7 years old)  – we will write to you prior to the child’s seventh birthday to advise you that once the child reaches the age of 7, a Young Savers account can be set up in the child’s own individual name.

To find out more about the product, download our information sheet.

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