Young Savers Current Account

The Young Savers Account is perfect for the savings of the tiniest new born right up to kids aged 12 years old. It can help to get your little one saving regularly and you can build up some extra savings for them too

Features & Benefits

What you get with a Young Savers Account:

  • Bonus interest rate of 2.5% up to balances of €5,000. Click here to view the current interest rates on the Young Savers Account and the conditions of the bonus interest rate.
  • You’ll receive interest on your savings four times a year and you’ll also get a statement once a year which tells you exactly what’s in your account.
  • You can lodge or withdraw in Bank of Ireland branches. Visit to see which branch is most convenient to you for the service you require.
  • Open an account for your child online today and deposit amounts when it suits you or save regularly.
  • Once the child reaches 13 years of age, we’ll upgrade their account to a 2nd level current account. Don’t worry we’ll let them know closer to the time.


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