Young Savers Current Account

The Young Savers Account is perfect for the savings of the tiniest new born right up to kids aged 12 years old. It can help to get your little one saving regularly and you can build up some extra savings for them too


All interest rates are quoted based on a 365 Day calendar year. Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) at the prevailing rate. Interest rate quoted is correct as at September 8th 2017.

Rates effective from 23rd February 2018.

Balance Current Gross Rate Per Annum Current AER Variable New Gross Rate Per Annum New AER Variable
€0 – €5,000* 0.25% 0.25% 2.50%* 2.50%*
€5,000+* 0.25% 0.25% No Change No Change

*2.5% Bonus Rate Conditions:

  • The Bonus Rate applies to account balances that do not exceed and have never exceeded €5,000
  • If you keep the account balance at €5,000 or lower, the Bonus Rate will continue to be applied
  • If the account balance goes over €5,000 you lose the Bonus Rate for good on the whole balance in your account and the variable rate of interest (currently 0.25%) will apply. Even if you reduce your balance back to €5,000 or less the variable rate of interest (currently 0.25%) will apply; for example, an account balance of:

(i)€5,000 or less will get 2.50% interest
(ii)€5,001 (or more) will get 0.25% interest;
(iii)€4,999 or less where the account balance has at any time exceeded €5,000 will get 0.25%.

To avail of the Bonus Rate, you should keep the account balance at €5,000 or less at all times.
We may amend or discontinue the Bonus Rate at any time.

AER means Annual Equivalent Rate and is the interest rate you would receive after a year when interest is paid and compounds on your account.

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