Before you get in touch with us

We know this is a difficult time, being prepared may help you

We understand that coping with bereavement is one of the most difficult times you’ll face. When a family member, friend, or someone close to you dies, it’s naturally a very upsetting time.

As well as dealing with the emotional upset, you may also be faced with having to sort out their financial affairs. We will do our best to help you through this process. Before you get in touch with us you will need to have the name; address; date of birth; and date of death of the deceased person. This is to help us find out what accounts and products the deceased person had with us.

There are a number of ways that you can notify us that a person has died. We have more information on how to do this on “Pick the best option to notify us”.

We also have documents and forms that we need from you. You do not need to provide these at this time but we may ask for them in the future. Before we provide any information about the account(s) of the deceased person, there are a number of documents that we will need first e.g. certified copy of proof of death, copy of the will, certified copy proof of your identity and proof of your address (if you are not a Bank of Ireland customer).

We have information on our requirements on “Bereavement documentation requirements checklist” which can be found under “Useful Checklists and Forms”.

How to get certified copies of original documentation

This is what you need to do:

  1. Photocopy the original document.
  2. Bring the original and photocopy to someone who can certify the copy is correct.
  3. The following people can certify the copy is correct: accountant, barrister, solicitor, bank or building society official, commissioner of oaths, notary public, justice of the peace, a broker or financial adviser who is registered with the Central Bank of Ireland, the UK Financial Conduct Authority or other regulatory body; or Attorney at Law. If you wish, one of our branch staff can certify the copy.

Here is some information on our requirements that you may find helpful

Is the combined balance of the accounts held in Bank of Ireland at date of death up to €35,000?

If the net value of the accounts in Bank of Ireland, in the Republic of Ireland is up to €35,000, we generally release the funds without a Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration.

To allow us do this we require you (or the executors or administrators of the estate) to fill in our Form BSU_3.1 which is used to release money from the accounts of a deceased person where the net value of the money held in Bank of Ireland at date of death is up to €35,000. It includes an indemnity (agreement to compensate us) from the people who sign it to protect us in some circumstances.

There are notes on Form BSU_3.1 that tell you when you can (and cannot) use it. There is also a checklist on Section 3 of the form which outlines the documents you will need to send us.

We recommend you get advice from a solicitor before signing Form BSU_3.1.

What happens if someone who is tax resident outside the Republic of Ireland is to inherit money or assets worth more than €20,000?

You should appoint a solicitor who practices in the Republic of Ireland to advise you and to take out a Grant of Probate or Administration. You cannot use Form BSU_3.1 in such cases even if the net value of the money held in Bank of Ireland at date of death is up to €35,000.

Is the combined balance of the accounts held in Bank of Ireland at date of death more than €35,000?

If the net value of the accounts in Bank of Ireland, in the Republic of Ireland is more than €35,000, we need a Grant of Probate (if there is a will) or Grant of Administration (if there is no will).

You or your solicitor can apply for a Grant of Probate / Administration through the Probate Office of the High Court.

Their phone number is +353 (0)1 888 6174. If the deceased left a will, a Grant of Probate confirms that the will is valid and that the executor(s) represents their estate. If there is no will, the Probate Office issues a Grant of Administration.

How do you release money from Bank of Ireland accounts when you have the Grant of Probate/Administration?

We will ask you to fill in Form BSU_4.1. It is completed by the administrator(s) / executor(s) to release money from the account of a deceased person.

This material is designed to help you plan your dealings with Bank of Ireland Group concerning accounts and products of the deceased held with that group. This material is not legal, financial or taxation advice. Succession law and the taxation of inheritances are complex areas that require specialised, professional advice. We strongly recommend you get the advice of a solicitor or accountant on how the estate of the deceased should be managed. We try to make sure this material is useful, accurate and up to date. However, we do not accept any liability for legal, taxation or other information in this material that is not accurate or up to date.