Inexpensive home interior upgrades

Inexpensive home interior upgrades. Learn how to be thrifty when doing up your home on a budget with design tips on DIY, paint and more.

There is nothing wrong with being thrifty when it comes to doing up a home these days.

In fact it’s become fashionable to upcycle or recycle.

This might mean anything from salvaging an antique armchair and restoring it to its former glory, or buying a 1940s tea set in a charity shop.

There are also plenty of design tips to make a home interior a sanctuary without spending a small fortune on upgrades.

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1. Recycle or upcycle

A tired, old sofa can be given a new lease of life with some re-upholstery or just a bright throw and a smattering of cushions to transform its look.

2. Paint

Painting every wall white in your new home will make it look cleaner as well as bigger. It should also be more cost-effective.

It can be a good stop-gap until you can afford to use the colours or wallpapers you want further down the line.

3. Small, inexpensive things can make a big difference

Some sparkly fairy lights in the garden can turn a dull, boring space into something magical once the sun sets.

4. Do it yourself

It’s inadvisable to attempt to lay tiles or run up a set of curtains if you haven’t done it before. But painting the walls or putting together some shelving are things that even a novice can undertake.

5. Disguise

You can cover up what you can’t replace right now. If the carpet in your new house has a stain on it, cover it up with a rug or throw.

6. Clear the garden

If the garden is overrun with weeds, hiring some equipment and clearing it out can create extra space outdoors for you and your family, especially for the summer months.

7. Look to one item

Spending a little more on one, good item to form the centrepiece for a room, will draw the eye directly to it.