The Home Stretch Episode 2 - Home buying advice on the house-hunting

We’re back for our second episode of this six part series brought to you by Bank of Ireland with Jo and Caroline of Gaff Interiors. In this episode we’re leaving behind mortgage applications and bank statements and moving on to the exciting venture that is house-hunting and here to help us along and offer her expert advice is independent home buying expert, Breffnie O’Kelly.

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Breffnie O'Kelly is a Buyer's Agent based in Dublin, Ireland who can advise on moving, relocation, and investment property and specialises in clients living abroad who would like to buy in Ireland. She also works with those who are unfamiliar with the property market or who simply don’t have time to house-hunt for themselves.

Breffnie lets Jo and Caroline in on some top tips for finding your perfect home (hint: location, location, location) and stresses the importance of finding your tribe and buying to suit you, not your job. She also offers some killer insights into how to come out on top in a bidding war; this is an episode not to be missed.

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