How a mortgage specialist can help you

Learn how a mortgage specialist can help you. Get support when you apply for a mortgage where we talk you through the application process & more.

Applying for a mortgage can seem stressful. There’s the challenge of saving up enough money for the deposit and also the challenge of saving up enough to cover all the other costs associated with buying a home. And then there’s the process of applying, gathering together all your paperwork. Fortunately, help is at hand.

Support when you apply for a mortgage

A Bank of Ireland* mortgage specialist can help make the mortgage journey a little less daunting by talking you through the application process and explaining what documentation you need to provide.

Jackie decided to go ahead with her mortgage application with Bank of Ireland because of the support she and her partner got from her mortgage specialist, Aoife.

“Aoife understood our circumstances, understood our accounts because she had conversations with us face to face and went through everything with us.

She knows her stuff so it put our minds at ease knowing she was looking after us.”

The support of a mortgage specialist can make all the difference especially if your financial or personal circumstances are not straightforward.

Caroline and her husband decided to apply for a mortgage together. She felt her mortgage situation and application would be complex as both her and her husband’s had other mortgages at different banks.

She credits her mortgage specialist for making the mortgage process less complex and giving her and her husband the peace of mind.

“We really warmed to her and she gave us confidence that we would be able to get this mortgage despite having a number of other mortgages.

Our mortgage specialists will come to you

We understand that you can't always get away at lunchtime or afford to take time off during the day to meet a mortgage specialist at a branch.

So our mobile mortgage managers can come to meet you when and where it suits you - your place, your time including weekends.

To find your local mortgage specialist or mobile mortgage manager and arrange a convenient time and place to meet, click here.

If that doesn’t suit you, you can also Skype, Facetime or simply phone a mortgage advisor about a mortgage application. Click here to set up a call.

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