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Be money smart. Open a 2nd Level current account and stash your pocket money or anything you earn from your part time job in to it. Then manage your money on your terms. Spend or save. It’s up to you.

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  • How much is Government Stamp Duty on a Visa Debit/ATM Card?

    Government Stamp Duty (GSD) on Visa Debit and ATM cards is charged retrospectively in January each year for each cash withdrawal made from an ATM / LATM within the Republic of Ireland in the preceding year at a rate of €0.12 per withdrawal capped at a maximum of €2.50 per ATM (cash) card or Visa Debit (combined) card where only the ATM function is used, or €5 per Visa Debit (combined) card where both ATM and "Point of Sale" functions are used.

    ATM Card & ATM/Debit Card The Bank will pay any Government stamp Duty for you

    In the future the Bank may decide to charge the Government Duty on the Second Level Account, but we will give you notice in advance before doing so.

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  • How long will it take for me to receive my new or replacement Debit card?

    You will receive your replacement debit card within 5 to 7 working days of ordering it.

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  • Where can I activate my Visa Debit Card?

    You should activate your card as soon as you receive it. You can activate your card by carrying out a transaction at any chip and pin ATM.

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  • What is 3D Secure?

    3D secure is a fraud prevention system that protects you from unauthorised online use of your Visa Debit card.

    When you purchase goods or services online, you may be prompted to enter a one-time passcode (passcode), sent to your mobile phone by text message, to authorise the transaction and confirm that the card is yours.

    You have a set amount of time and a number of attempts to enter the passcode correctly. If you do not enter the passcode correctly, you will be unable to complete your online purchase.

    The passcode will only be valid for the online purchase you have received it for. When you are shopping online using 3D Secure and we don’t have a mobile number to send you a one-time passcode, you’ll be asked to provide it by calling us on the telephone number provided on-screen. If you would like to update your mobile number now, you can do so by calling 0818 200 370 or 353 1 250 0370

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  • What is a Debit card?

    A Debit card, besides providing ATM access, enables you to purchase goods and services in store or online. You can also get cashback at participating retailers (assuming availability of funds in your account).

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  • What are the benefits of Visa Debit?

    Visa Debit is accepted worldwide and can be used to purchase goods and services online. It also offers greater protection against fraudulent use.

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  • Where can I use Visa Debit?

    Visa debit is accepted worldwide across 200 countries.

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  • What time during the day do incoming credits come into my current account?

    We process account credits as quickly as possible, but rely on the timing of the payments made by other banks. Because of this, payments may be credited at different times of the working day.

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