Golden Years Account

When you turn 66, we can upgrade your personal current account to a golden years account to help you save on fees and charges, just come in talk to us today.


Our golden years current account includes no quarterly current account transaction fees.

The following transactions include no quarterly current account fees:

  • Lodgements
  • Express lodgments
  • Direct debits
  • Standing orders
  • Debits and credits using 365 phone or online banking
  • Cheques – please note that Government Stamp Duty applies to all cheques, bank drafts and gift cheques issued
    withdrawals at ATM or in Branch
  • Debit card (Point of Sale) transactions and cash back – for debit card ATM & (Point of Sale) transactions and cash back, there may be fees and charges for using your card (Visa Debit or card) when abroad. See our brochure for full details of charges that may apply to the Golden Years Account.

The golden years current account concessions also mean you won’t be charged for the following service charges on your account:

  • Overdraft facility charge
  • Duplicate statements
  • Cheque retrievals
  • Domestic drafts – please note that Government Stamp Duty applies to bank drafts issued
  • Unpaid inwards charges
  • Replacement ATM/debit cards

In addition to no charges for some of our day-to-day banking transactions, we do not charge for the following services with a Golden Years current account:

  • Domestic drafts1
  • Cheque retrievals
  • Duplicate statements
  • Charges for unpaid inwards
  • You are also exempt from the overdraft facility fee. Some additional charges may apply.

Cross border handling charges apply to non-euro contactless transactions

1 With effect from 22 September 2010, Government Stamp Duty on cheques applies to all bank drafts and gift cheques issued.

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