Junior Accounts

Open a Young Saver or a 2nd level account - it's easy.

Junior Accounts

Bagsy the blue one!

Open a Young Saver or a 2nd level account for your child today in just a few clicks by logging on to 365 Online and they get a free backpack of their choice. You can even choose from a limited edition FAI backpack for Euro 2016. It’s very quick and easy.

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  • Open a Junior account today – there’s an account available for your child from birth to 18.
  • Set up a standing order from your account to your child’s account – perfect for pocket money!
  • Your child will receive a free backpack* of their choice. Choose from Leinster, Munster, Ulster, limited edition FAI, neutral blue or neutral pink.

​*Terms and conditions apply.  In order to avail of the free backpack you must set up a standing order to the new account.  Offer available while stocks last.

All you have to do is:

  1. Log on to 365 Online
  2. Click the Apply Online button
  3. Click Junior Accounts and choose your account type.
  4. Once you open a YSA or 2nd Level account with a standing order via 365 Online, a welcome letter will issue to both yourself and your child.The welcome letter to   the parent will have an order number and a link to our group website. Visit the group website and insert the order number and choose the preferred back pack for your child . The back pack will be posted to your  home address within 7 working days.
  5. Be sure to set up a standing order to the new account in order to receive the backpack.  The minimum standing order amount is €5.00 per month.
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