Junior Accounts

Open a Young Saver or a 2nd level account - it's easy.

Junior Accounts

Bagsy the blue one!

Open a Young Saver or a 2nd level account for your child today, set up a standing order (minimum €5 per month), in just a few clicks by logging on to 365 Online and they get a free backpack of their choice. You can even choose from a limited edition FAI backpack. It’s very quick and easy.

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  • Open a Junior account today
  • Set up a standing order from your account to your child’s account – perfect for pocket money!
  • Your child will receive a free backpack1 of their choice. Choose from Leinster, Munster, Ulster, limited edition FAI, neutral blue, neutral pink, our Ollie the Owl back pack or Ollie the Owl nappy bag.

All you have to do is:

  1. Log on to 365 Online
  2. Click the Apply Online button
  3. Click Junior Accounts and choose your account type
  4. Once you open a Young Saver or 2nd Level account with a standing order via 365 Online, a welcome letter will issue to both yourself and the child.The welcome letter to the adult will have an order number and a link to our website. Visit the website and insert the order number and choose the preferred back pack. The back pack will be posted to you within 7 working days
  5. Be sure to set up a standing order to the new account in order to receive the backpack. The minimum standing order amount is €5.00 per month.
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1 Terms and conditions apply.  In order to avail of the free backpack you must set up a standing order to the new account.  Offer available while stocks last.