Personal Current Account

The Personal Current account makes your everyday banking easier in so many ways.

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From 23 November 2020, we’re introducing a simple way of charging for your current account – eliminating 26 individual charges and replacing them with a single monthly fee of €6. Click here for details.


Our existing Personal Current Account pricing structure, as outlined below, applies up to 22 November 2020.


  • 1c for Contactless transactions. Cross border handling charges apply to non-euro contactless transactions

10c for Automated Transactions:

  • Using your Visa Debit card, direct debits, standing orders and 365 phone/online and mobile banking transfers will cost you 10c per transaction.

25c for ATM/LATM (Lodgement ATM) Transactions:

  • Lodgements/withdrawals using ATM/LATM (Lodgement ATM)

60c for Paper/Staff Assisted transactions:

  • Cheques or paper lodgements and withdrawals over the counter using paper or your Visa Debit card will cost you 60c per transaction.

Fee for Maintaining the Account:

  • A Fee of €5 per quarter applies for maintaining the account.

‘No Transaction Fees’ Offer: We offer you a way to avoid transaction fees for some of our day-to-day banking transactions. This means that you will not pay fees on the items below. This offer is ending on 23 November 2020.

  • Lodgements
  • Withdrawals
  • Direct debits
  • Standing orders
  • Debit card transactions and cashback
  • Debit/credit transactions on your account using 365 Phone/Online and/or Mobile banking

For full details see our brochure below, also available in branch.

From 23 November 2020, we are making changes to our personal current account fees and charges. We’re introducing a simple way of charging for your current account – eliminating 26 individual charges and replacing them with a monthly fee of €6. See the brochure below – A Guide to Fees and Service Changes, which provides details of these changes, as well as the revised Schedule of Fees and Charges for Personal Customers and Fee Information Document that will be effective from 23 November 2020.

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You will still pay a fee of €5 for maintaining the account if you qualify for the No Transaction Fees Offer. Service charges such as Government Stamp Duty will apply and charges for certain Visa Debit transactions abroad may apply. The No Transaction Fees Offer is ending on 23 November 2020.

Note – to avoid paying quarterly account transaction fees, you must maintain a minimum credit balance of €3,000 in your Personal Current Account throughout the full fee quarter. Credit interest is not payable on current account balances and potential interest may be foregone as a result of maintaining a minimum credit balance.

Lodgements received and payments made after cut off times or anytime on a non-banking day (i.e Saturday, Sunday or bank/public holiday) may not be reflected in the account until the following working day. There are different cut off times for different transactions. Please contact your branch for details. The offer is based on the overnight balance that appears on your regular account statement.There may be a difference between this balance and other sources of balance information available such as ATM, online, phone or branch printed statements.

Current account transaction fees are calculated at the end of each quarter. Fees are then debited from your current account approximately one month later. Quarterly account fees will be debited from your account for the last time on 31 December 2020. From 23 November 2020, we are introducing a new €6 monthly fee replacing 26 existing fees and charges. This fee will be charged for the first time also on the 31 December 2020.

If your bank account is migrated from one product type to another, for instance from Second Level Student Current Account to Third Level Student Current Account, the transfer will only be completed at the start of the next fee quarter.

Full details of our Personal Current Account transaction, fee for maintaining the account and service charges are in the Schedule of Fees and Charges for Personal Customers. This brochure is available in any Bank of Ireland branch.