If you have already fallen into arrears, the first step is to realise that we are here to help.
  • Help with your mortgage repayments

    The first step is to realise that we are here to help. Ask at your local branch about speaking with one of our mortgage specialists who will be able discuss any concerns you may have with meeting your mortgage repayments.

    Please don’t feel uneasy about talking to us as soon as possible. The earlier we know about any concern you may have, the sooner we can work together to quickly identify the best solution to get you back in control of your finances.

    If you have already fallen into arrears then we would ask you to call our dedicated Home Mortgage Line on 07662 44444.

    Our standard opening hours are from 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

  • Before you contact us

    Before you contact us and to help future conversations, you may find it useful to draw up a budget based on your current income and spending. It is best to work out your budget monthly, even if you are paid weekly, as that is often how most regular bills need to be paid.

  • Independent Support with Managing your Debt

    Insolvency Service of Ireland

    The Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) is an independent government organisation with a range of solutions to problem debt. It has a regulated network of qualified professionals that can help you get back on track.

    Phone: 076 106 4200 or text GETHELP to 50015.

    Website: www.backontrack.ie


    Abhaile is a new State-funded service to help homeowners find a resolution to home mortgage arrears. It provides vouchers for free financial and legal advice and help from experts, which are available through MABS. A dedicated adviser will work with you and your lender to find the best solution for your situation.

    Phone: 076 107 2000

    Website: www.mabs.ie

    Click here for more details about MABS and Abhaile.

    See our Guide to Dealing with mortgage repayment difficulties for further useful contacts.

  • Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process

    Bank of Ireland has an established process, the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP), to help customers who are in arrears or at risk of going into arrears. The MARP is part of our obligation under the Central Bank of Ireland’s Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears. Here is our Guide to dealing with mortgage repayment difficulties.

    This Guide is also available as a leaflet from any Bank of Ireland branch or by calling our Mortgage Arrears Support Unit on 07662 44444

    The Standard Financial Statement (SFS)

    As part of our Mortgage Arrears Process, under the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears, we are obliged to have you complete a Standard Financial Statement (SFS) form.

    This form is designed to provide us with a comprehensive overview of your financial situation which allows us to identify the best approach to helping you deal with your Financial circumstances.

    You can download the SFS here together with our SFS Customer Guide to assist you in completing the form. These documents are also available from any Bank of Ireland Branch or by calling our Mortgage Arrears Support Unit on 07662 44444

    Full details of The Central Bank of Ireland’s Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears (CCMA) can be found on their website www.centralbank.ie

  • Fees and Charges Concerning Arrears

    Any sum not paid by its due date is subject to an additional interest charge at the rate of 0.50% per month or part of the month (6.00% per annum), subject to a minimum of €2.54, per month from the due date until payment. This additional interest charge is intended to cover the Bank’s increased administration and related charges due to arrears on an account.

    We do not charge this additional interest where you are in our home Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process, so long as you have co-operated with us when in the process.

    You can avoid or reduce additional interest charges by a) making sure your mortgage account does not go into arrears or b) clearing any existing arrears as soon as possible.

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