Mortgage Interest Relief 2024

To claim mortgage interest relief, you will need your 2023 mortgage statement and your 2022 and 2023 interest certs. We will be posting these to you in the coming weeks. You will also need to know what your mortgage balance was on 31 December 2022. You can see this balance on your 2023 statement which we have recently posted to you.

To qualify for mortgage interest relief, you need to have an outstanding mortgage balance of between €80,000 and €500,000 on your primary home at 31 December 2022. Mortgage interest tax relief will be available on the increased interest you paid on your mortgage in 2023 compared to the amount you paid in 2022. All local property tax obligations must be satisfied in order to qualify.

To claim this tax relief, you have to fill in an income tax return for 2023. If you have any queries regarding eligibility for mortgage interest relief or how to apply visit the Revenue.ie1 website.

If you redeemed your mortgage in 2022 or 2023, you can request your statements and interest certs through the Mortgage Self Service form.

If you were previously a KBC customer whose mortgage moved to us in February 2023, we will send you a statement and interest certificate covering the dates your account moved from KBC to Bank of Ireland. In other words, it will cover transactions from February to December 2023. To get previous statements and interest certs for other dates, please complete the Mortgage Self Service form.

1 Bank of Ireland is not for responsible for information provided on third party websites.