Thinking of joining Bank of Ireland?

Whether you’re opening your first bank account or switching from another financial institution, we’re here to help. With our mobile app, mobile payments and the support of our advisers, you can take control of your financial wellbeing.

Switch your personal current account to Bank of Ireland

There are two steps to switching. First open a personal current account. Then switch your everyday banking from your old account to us. If you already have a Bank of Ireland current account you can go straight to Step 2 and start the switch today.

Step 1. Open a Personal Current Account

If you don’t already have a personal current account with us, apply to open a current account. Applying online only takes 6 minutes. That’s everyday banking made easy.

  • Just €6 per month for maintaining the account and no individual charges for a range of current account transactions and services. Find out more

  • Pay securely online and in store with Apple Pay / Google Pay
  • Make contactless payments with a debit card
  • Manage your money with an agreed Overdraft1 amount
  • Bank statements and transaction history – see your account balances, bank statements eStatements) and transaction history with 365 Online.
  • Bank whenever, wherever with Online, Mobile, and Telephone banking
  • Nationwide ATM and Branch network

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1Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Over 18s only

Step 2. Start the switch

Once you’ve opened your current account you can choose how to switch your everyday banking over to us. You have two switching options:

Option 1. Switch Yourself

Take control by manually switching your Direct Debits and standing orders to your new account and closing down your account with your existing bank.

  • How To Switch Yourself

    Activate 365 Online
    Once your account is open you’ll receive a text with instructions on how to activate your 365 Online profile.

    Transfer some money into your new account
    Make sure to leave enough money to cover any bills or payments due on your old account.

    Give your new bank details to anyone who pays you
    Tell your employer you’ve changed bank accounts.

    Make sure you tell anyone who makes other regular payments to make them to your new account. For example, you might get paid child benefits or share dividends.

    List all of your regular payments
    Download your recent statements from your old bank and make a list of all existing creditors (e.g. utility bills, landlord, mortgage repayments) on your account.

    Set up Standing Orders and payees
    It’s easy to add Standing Orders and Payees to your account through the Bank of Ireland Mobile App.

    Change any outgoing payments made by Direct Debit or debit card
    We’ve put together a list of Direct Debit Originators to help.

    Remember to update your details for any payments made by debit card like gym memberships or film and music streaming subscriptions.

    Empty and close your old account (optional).

Option 2. Use the Switching Guide

Let us do the work. Fill out the Account Transfer form in the Switching Guide and drop it in to a branch. This form instructs us to contact your old bank and request that they start the switch. Your old bank will notify your Direct Debit Originators* of your new bank details and we’ll set up your standing orders.

Switching your account this way takes 10 working days, during which time you will not be able to use your old account. If you continue to use your old account after you submit the Account Transfer form your old bank may reject the switch.

You can find everything you need in the guide below.

Switching Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Stay safe and secure

It’s important to keep an eye out for fraud and scams, especially during times of change. Our security zone will help you spot anything suspicious.

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Changing your Business Bank

For more information on how to move to Bank of Ireland.

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