Financial Literacy For Young People

Youth Financial Wellbeing is a core life skill. A skill that benefits children growing up in an increasingly complex world because they have the essential knowledge to make informed decisions about money and are therefore better placed to take charge of their own financial future.

At Bank of Ireland, we have developed a Youth Financial Wellbeing programme which is available to primary and secondary schools for delivery in the classroom and for parents to introduce the concept of financial wellbeing to their children at home. The programme includes a mix of financial wellbeing topics including:

  • Earning and income (including taxes)
  • Saving and spending
  • Credit and debt
  • Risk and protection
  • Investing
  • Budgeting and planning

The programme also includes modules on CV and Interview skills, enterprise, and banking basics.

Students and young adults will learn how money works, including how it is earned, how to plan, spend, budget, and manage their money.

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Primary schools can avail of Our Talking Cents with Ollie Programme which is developed specifically for children aged 7 – 12 and uses a comprehensive mix of lessons and activities to help them to develop good money management habits in a fun and practical way.

Through our Money Smarts programme for Secondary Schools, we offer a week-long schedule of activity to help give students an understanding of financial skills. In addition, it offers training on how to create an impactful CV and performing well in an interview. Our material is tailored to Junior and Senior Cycle pupils and we aim to make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable for them. We can also provide a financial talk for parents or guardians of these students to help them prepare financially for life after secondary school.