Change the way you pay, today

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Google Pay is now available to Bank of Ireland customers* on all Android devices.

Add your debit or personal credit card to the digital wallet on your smartphone or tablet and make quick, easy and contactless payments using your phone.

*Note – This service not available to Bank of Ireland commercial credit card holders at this time.

Features & Benefits

Digital wallets take the hassle out of paying for goods or services, allowing you to make quick, easy and contactless payments by holding your device near a card reader. You can also pay for goods and services in apps or online using your digital wallet.

  • No need to have your physical card, wallet or bag on you to make payments when you’re out and about. You just need your Android smartphone.
  • You can store your Bank of Ireland cards in your digital wallet, including personal credit cards and all of your debit cards (including cards for joint accounts and business accounts) so no need to rely on multiple plastics. (Please note that Bank of Ireland commercial credit cards and all credit cards for UK customers cannot be stored within Digital Wallets at present).
  • You can use your digital wallet to pay for goods and services online. No need to remember or find your card details.
  • There is no upper limit, so you are not restricted to the current contactless payment limit (transactions over €50 may not be supported by some merchant terminals).
  • If you lose your card you can still use your phone for payment. Your credit card details will be automatically updated once you report your card as lost or stolen and your debit card will be updated in 2 business days. You will not be able to use your debit card on your Google Pay app until it has been updated.

You can use you digital wallet wherever you see the Google Pay symbol, or contactless payment sign

  • How do I set up Google Pay

    Google Pay is the fast, simple way to pay with Google and Bank of Ireland Debit and personal Credit Cards. When you use your phone to pay in shops and online, Google Pay will not send your Bank of Ireland card number to make your payment – your card details stay safe in your Google account.

    How do I set up Google Pay?

    It’s now even easier to get set up on Google Pay with your Bank of Ireland Debit or personal Credit Card. Use the simple steps below to get set up straight away.

    1. Download the Google Pay app to your Android device.
    2. Add your chosen Bank of Ireland card to your Google Pay digital wallet.
    3. Validate your card entry to your digital wallet via one of 2 methods (receipt of a validation code anytime 24/7 via SMS or by calling Bank of Ireland) Phones lines for card validation are available 9am-5pm Mon-Fri or 10am – 4pm Saturday & Sunday.
    4. You can now use Google Pay on your Android device.
  • Where can I use Google Pay?

    In Shops

    For transactions under €50, simply wake your phone. For added security, you will occasionally be required to also unlock your device.

    For transactions over €50*, unlock your device and hold the back of it near the Contactless payment terminal until you see a checkmark. Your phone will beep and/or vibrate to confirm that the payment has been made.

    *Google Pay above €50 may not be supported by some merchant terminals

    Look for either of these symbols at checkout

    In-app purchases

    Just select the Buy with Google Pay button at checkout within participating apps.

    See your transactions

    You can see a record of every payment you’ve made using Google Pay by checking your transaction history in the Bank of Ireland Mobile app or in 365 Online Banking.

    You can also see your last 10 Google Pay payments, including merchant details, under ‘Transaction history’ in the Wallet app.

    Switch between cards

    The first card you add to Google Pay becomes your default payment card however you can also choose which card to use when you’re about to pay – just open the Wallet app first and select the card you want to use.

    For in-app purchases, just select the Buy with Google Pay button at checkout within participating apps.

    Find out more about how to set up Google Pay.

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  • Terms and Conditions

    To see Bank of Ireland Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions click here

  • FAQs

    For those who are new to digital wallets, we have collated the most frequently asked questions to help you on this exciting journey. Digital Wallet FAQs


You can use Google Pay™ to make contactless payments using compatible devices wherever you see the contactless or Google Pay logos. Google Pay is available on all Bank of Ireland Debit cards and personal credit cards. Bank of Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
Android, Google Pay and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.