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Getting started with investing

When you put your money in the bank you may earn some interest. However, investing your money may provide you with the opportunity for better returns over time.

Investing means putting your money to work for a longer period of time in the hope of earning better returns than you would by saving. Investing always involves risk. You might end up with more than you invest but you might end up with less.

Making investing clear and straightforward

  • Get started with as little as €100 pm
  • See how you’re doing at a glance
  • Get personalised advice when you need it
  • Investments have the potential for higher returns than a savings account


How it works

With our help you can start investing from as little as €100 per month in an investment that matches your attitude to risk.


Give us some details about you

Just like a face to face meeting with a financial advisor we will spend a few minutes getting some information about you.


We’ll replay what we’ve learned

We’ll replay a summary of the information you provided back to you and assess the level of risk you are comfortable with. Advise how much you can afford to invest and you can decide how much you want to proceed with.


We’ll recommend the right option for you.

Based on the answers you provided we’ll be able to build a recommendation that is affordable and suitable.


Start investing

Fill out an application form, set up your payments then sit back and monitor the performance of your investment over time.


See what’s possible

Below we have provided two example projections based on investing €200 each month for 15 years and a €10,000 lump sum investment also over 15 years. These are based on a medium risk level fund.

The projected values show the possible future value of your investment in different market conditions. These are only forecasts and are not a reliable indicator of future performance. With investing, your money is at risk and you could get back less than you put in. Please see the assumptions for further details on how this projection was calculated.

Examples of investments

Investment Risk Level 4

See Assumptions

Warning: These figures are estimates only. They are not a reliable guide to the future performance of this investment.
Warning: The value of this investment may go down as well as up.
Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.




You may want to ask some questions before you go any further. Our advisors are ready to help you with anything you want to understand in more detail.

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  • What's the difference between saving and investing?

    Saving means putting money aside, gradually, in a bank deposit or regular savings account and earning interest. People generally save for a particular goal – a new car, a deposit for a house, or to build up a rainy day fund – knowing that their capital is not at risk.

    Investing typically means committing your money for a longer period of time in the hope of making more money than you would by saving. There is risk involved but you rate the level of risk you are comfortable with. There is usually no guarantee that you will make larger amounts of money or even that you will get all of your capital back. However, depending on how your investment performs, you could grow your money considerably more than you would by saving.

    Investment products are provided by Bank of Ireland Life, a trading name of New Ireland Assurance Company plc. Advice on Bank of Ireland Life products is provided by Bank of Ireland.

  • Why Invest?

    Investing can offer another way to look after your money and help you reach your financial goals. Investing offers an opportunity for money to potentially grow over the medium to long term. We all have long term financial goals, investing offers the potential to help you reach those goals that traditional savings accounts may not.

  • What is an investment?

    We offer you the flexibility to invest a small amount of money each month or a larger amount whenever you have it. This money can be invested in a variety of ways such as in funds which invest in company shares, bonds, property or other types of investments with the intention of growing your money.

  • How can I see how my investment is doing?

    Your investment can be viewed on 365 online, Bank of Ireland’s online banking platform. There you can see latest available information on the investment performance at any time day or night.

    You will also receive an annual benefit statement on the anniversary of your investment.

  • How do I withdraw my money?

    In order to meet your objectives, it is a good idea to leave your money invested over the medium to long term. This will help you to maximise growth potential. However, if you need to access your money at any point, you can simply contact the Customer Service team to start the process.

  • What are the fees involved?

    A 1% Government levy applies to all money invested. An annual management fee will be applied, taken as a percentage of the policy value. This is typically 1-2%, depending on how your money is invested. Early exit charges may also apply if you withdraw any of your investment during the first few years. A small fee also applies on partial withdrawals.

  • Do I have to pay tax on my investments? How does this happen?

    Any investment growth achieved on your policy is subject to exit tax. Exit tax, currently 41%, is deducted every eight years and in certain circumstances. These include; when you withdraw some or all of your investment; if you transfer ownership of your policy; or on death. We recommend that you obtain independent tax advice.

Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.
Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.