Smart ways to make daily savings

Personal Banking


Pay an annual bill/subscription

Pay a utility bill


Pay a friend for concert tickets

Train Ticket

Don’tUse Visa Debit Card 10cPost a cheque €1.30Pay in-branch 60cUse Visa Debit card 10cCash Withdrawals from the ATM 25cCash Withdrawals the ATM 25cPay using cash from ATM 25c
DoUse contactless payment 1cPay bill on-line 10cPay online instantly 10cUse contactless payment 1cUse Pay to Mobile 10cUse Visa Debit card 10cPay using Visa Debit card 10c and get cashback for free
SavingSave 9cSave €1.20Save 50cSave 9cSave 15cSave 15cSave 15c

Terms and conditions apply.

Our transaction fees at a glance

Making more transactions online or by phone will save you time and money

FeeBe smart
 Visa Debit Contactless1cUse more

be smart image

use less


 Master card

Online/mobile/tablet, Visa Debit Card, Direct Debit10c
 ATM Lodgements and Withdrawals25c
 Paper/Staff Assisted Transactions e.g. Cheque/paper lodgements and withdrawals over the counter, using paper or credit card, and credit transfers60c
 Writing a cheque – (60c transaction fee, 20c cheque fee and 50c Govt. stamp Duty (GSD)).€1.30

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