Our Partners – Settle in can provide

Expert advice, settling you and your family into your new home, school and locality - even before you move...

SETTLE IN – offers a customized relocation service based on the specific needs of each individual and family moving to Ireland – dedicated to facilitating stress free and enjoyable relocations, SETTLE IN can help with making things happen with understanding, attention to detail and effective delivery.

Settle-In has the local knowledge and negotiation skills to find the most appropriate home and services for you, saving time, cost and stress. Their extensive network of agents and landlords in Dublin will help ensure you get the best home to match your criteria. The care, validation and understanding we provide ensures that good decisions are made.

Settle In ( www.settlein.ie) overviews what we deliver. The service packages are flexible and based on a daily rate. We listen to truly understand what is needed. The client can also choose how they would like to spend the time so they get the support activities that will benefit them most.

Our five key areas are :

  • Area Orientation Tours – Pre-Acceptance Orientation Tours – Orientation Tours
  • Accommodation Search
  • Schools that fit
  • Practical Services
  • Lifestyle

Please see the Settle In Brochure below:

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