10 tips for a stress free move

Simplify the process of moving home by following these 10 simple rules to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Moving home allegedly is one of the most stressful things you can do, but many people actually make work for themselves. You can easily simplify the process by following these 10 simple rules to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  1. Hire a reputable moving company. Seek recommendations from friends or ask for testimonials from the companies themselves, and always make sure to get at least three quotes. If your move is part of a chain, you may have a limited window of removal dates, so above all make sure they are available on the required day.
  2. Make sure any company you hire is fully insured for any damage to your possessions.
  3. If you plan on moving yourself, don’t underestimate the size of van you will need. Allow enough time to make several runs if necessary without placing yourself under unrealistic time pressure.
  4. Talk to the estate agent and make sure that on the day of closing, he or she will be available to hand over the keys. There’s no point sitting in the driveway with a removal truck if you can’t get in.
  5. Make a plan. Buy coloured stickers and assign colours to each of the rooms – kitchen, home office, bedrooms and so on. Put a sticker on each door and match the colour to all your boxes and crates. That way, if you have friends to help, they very simply can identify the boxes that need to be unpacked in each room. It’s much quicker that writing on each box.
  6. Before you move, identify restaurants or takeaways in the area of the new property. Chances are you will be too busy to cook. Again, rely on friends – get them to make a lasagne or something simple to keep you going through the first couple of days.
  7. If you have appliances that need to be connected, make sure to book an electrician and a plumber. Bring a selection of bulbs with you, as new and lid houses alike may not have working bulbs in every room. Most of all, though, talk to your energy supplier – nothing works without electricity, so get connected!
  8. Moving home can be particularly stressful for children. Ensure that their favourite toys, especially dolls, bears or footballs, are available at all times. Make their beds with sheets and duvet covers they’re familiar with to give them a sense of continuity.
  9. Make sure the garden is secure before you allow a dog run free. Keep cats indoors for a few days, and supervise them when they need to go outside. Again, make sure to bring their favourite basket, blanket, feeding bowl and so on to help them settle quickly.
  10. If possible, designate one room as a junk room. Not everything you bring with you will actually find an immediate home in the new property. Get all the big items in place before you even look at the smaller stuff.

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