4 reasons to start saving for your first home

Fed up with renting but not sure you want to be tied down by a mortgage? Check out these 4 good reasons to start your journey towards home ownership. 1: A sense of security

Owning your own home feels quite different to renting. Sure, you'll still have monthly payments, but you'll be paying off your home, rather than covering the cost of someone else's mortgage.

If you've a proven track record as a reliable rent payer, you're a good fit to become a mortgage-holder.

As a tenant, there's sometimes an underlying sense of insecurity that mortgage owners don't have to deal with.

When you own your home, the landlord can't decide to move you on, sell from underneath you or alarm you with an unexpected rent increase.

2: Making it your own

Owning your own home comes with added responsibilities, but it does mean you are the boss.

After years of renting or living at home, you get to call the shots and put your own personality on your living space.

No more checking with the landlord before you paint the walls or put up shelves.

No more waiting for them to reimburse you for hiring a plumber, or dragging their heels to replace that clapped-out sofa.

No more draughty windows or nasty décor.

Owning a home allows you put your stamp on things.

3: Settling down

Buying your own home often means becoming part of a new neighbourhood.

It's exciting to move in somewhere knowing it's for the long haul.

You can put down roots and commit to becoming part of a new community.

Get to know your neighbourhood, whether that means scoping out the schools if you have or are planning a family, joining a local sports club or simply finding the best, local takeaway coffee.

Setting down roots and becoming part of a community is a very special experience.

4: A sense of independence

Nothing beats turning the key in your own front door, choosing your first sofa, mowing your own lawn or throwing your first house-warming party.

Do you want to rent out a room? Install a wood-burning stove? Get a dog? Install solar panels?

Many of these decisions are out of your hands when you’re renting but not once you buy.

Buying your own home delivers a wonderful sense of independence, autonomy and freedom.

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