Here is a list of the key documents you will need to provide for your mortgage application.

Ideally you should bring these documents with you when you meet us. If you are making a joint application, documents will be required for each party to the mortgage.

If you are a PAYE employee

  • Your Pay-slips for the last 2 months.
  • Salary Certificate (a standard form provided by the Bank for completion by your employer).

If you are Self Employed

  • Your last two years’ certified/audited accounts
  • Last 6 months business bank account statements (if business account is not with Bank of Ireland)
  • Other documents may be required if your business is not established for a full 2 years of if you are a sole trader or self-assessed.

All applicants

  • Last 6 months personal current account statements (if account is not with Bank of Ireland).
  • Last 12 months savings account statements showing build-up of funds (if account is not with Bank of Ireland).
  • Statements showing your last 12 repayments for any existing mortgage held with another financial institution
  • Statements for recent loans that are now closed (if not with Bank of Ireland).

Additional documents that may be needed for your application

  • You may also be required to provide identification documents and confirmation of your address. This is usually a current valid Passport or Driving Licence and recent utility bill.
  • Gift Letter (a standard form provided by the Bank to show that a gift does not need to be repaid).
  • You may need to provide your last years’ Employee Detail Summary from if you are relying on variable income to support your mortgage application.
  • Source of funds - this could include Government’s Help to Buy Scheme for First Time Buyers, evidence of inheritance or other source of funds that will contribute to the mortgage deposit.
  • Separation/Divorce Agreement.
  • Confirmation of rental income.
  • Confirmation of Tax Affairs (For self-employed or if you have any non-PAYE income).

If you are having your home built or making structural improvements

  • Your fixed price contract or detailed building costings.

Once your application is fully approved we will issue you with a legally binding Mortgage Offer Letter.

In the meantime, we will be happy to discuss this with you and answer any questions you might have.

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